William Edwardes, the Lord Kensington Life Guards

William Edwardes the 5th Baron Kensington died of wounds received at the battle of Krantz Fraal in South Africa on 24 June 1900, and is buried in the family church in St Bride’s, Pembroke.

He hunted with the Pembrokeshire and was a fine polo player and was a JP for Pembrokeshire. Although a member of a political family he avoided politics absolutely. Frustrated by narrowly missing the battle of Omdurman, he volunteered for service away from the Life Guards in order to see action, joining the 10th Hussars to go to South Africa.

He had his mount shot from underneath him, and was present at the relief of Kimberley, headed off Cronje and served under French during his most successful period of campaigning. He received his wound whilst scouting. He was struck under the left arm with the bullet exiting at his left hip. He served with his brother and heir Hugh, who was in the 15th Hussars in South Africa.

He was initiated into Household Brigade Lodge in February 1898.

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